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Project Synopsis

Clothing is a part of daily life and expressing who we are as individuals. While some people get more into fashion then others, it is something that everyone needs. In recent years the focus on fashion has been growing and in particular the concept of fast fashion. Fashion styles are changing faster and faster causing people to buy clothing more often than every while clothing items get less use. With this trend comes negative impacts to our society and environment. The fashion industry is a leader in pollution contributing up to 10% of air pollutions and 30% of ocean pollutions to name a couple of the big problems. With the rapidly changing fashion styles, 85% of all textiles end up in the landfill each year with the average American throwing away 81 pounds. A lot of the clothing that does not get thrown away also ends up sitting in closets untouched.


Our cross platform application, Thrifty, was designed to combat these negative impacts while also providing value to users. With our app users (individuals or fashion companies with excess clothing) will be able to create an account and upload clothing items that they are wanting to sell or trade with other users. Users can then browse items within specific categories/tags that are of interest to them while the app learns what they like through machine learning algorithms. People can then agree to buy/sell items or trade them with each other through a chat system. With this app clothing has a second chance to be used rather than being sent straight to the landfill. It also allows people to get value out of clothes they do not like anymore and have more clothing options without spending more by trading with someone who has a similar fashion style.