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Project Synopsis

What is PartybAUX?

  • Have you ever been at a party and wanted the host on the AUX/speaker to play your favorite song, but they refuse?
  • Do you think the host's musical tastes suck, and think the party would benefit from everyone being able to curate the party's jams?
  • Maybe the host is struggling to keep up with all the song requests they've been given and the party is suffering as a result.

How does it work?

  1. The host (who must have Spotify Premium linked to their PC/laptop) simply creates a room within the website.
  2. All party guests are able to join the host's room via the host's username.
  3. Anyone within the room is able to add their favorite songs to the queue, which is viewable by everyone.
  4. Then through magic, those songs will play from the host's Spotify account and through whatever speaker/device that the phone is hooked up to.

We're bringing the power of the party back to the people. ?