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Project Synopsis

The main purpose of this app is to improve the ease in which you can access music from a variety of platforms. This is done by having a single web page that can host multiple different streaming services and thus simplify the whole process of listening to music on different platforms. Users would be able to pull in their favorite songs off the platforms they use and then put them together in a multi-platform playlist, allowing for a simple listening and sharing experience.

The secondary goal is to allow easy collaboration with other users to provide a seamless experience when collaborating to create a playlist. A user can access other users’ playlists and listen to what they have compiled and shared this playlist with other friends they have on the platform. Recommendations based on the most prevalent genre within these playlists would lead users to discover music that they have never heard. If a user cannot access one of his friend’s playlist songs due to platform restrictions, a replacement song would be put in its place for that user to access. That song would be pulled from a free streaming service and thus would not have any restrictions on the user side.

This web application would be hosted, both front and backend, on Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is the world’s most advanced and used Cloud platform, offering a large number of services that are powered by data centers around the globe. It covers millions of different customers, ranging from simple startups to important government agencies for many different reasons, which include lowering operating costs, improving project structure and workflow. We believe that AWS will allow OneMusic to run at the highest standards necessary for a professional web application, allowing for impeccable security standards, incredible running speed, and virtually unlimited scalability.