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Project Synopsis

SmartLife is an app that helps everyone improve their daily schedule. In this app, we will have an alarm setting and calendar setting that allows all the observers and normal users to set the alarm or edit the calendar schedule. Observers and normal users are able to set an alarm or edit calendar schedule to themself. In addition, observers are also able to set the alarm or edit calendar to their users, arrange their tasks.

Our team discovered that forcing people to do some activities in the morning could effectively help people to wake up. Therefore, our app provides several special ways to help people wake up in the morning. For example, we implemented a shaking activity for the alarm. Once your alarm ring, the only way to shut down the alarm to shake your phone, which sounds a little bit annoying but it is actually helpful for waking up yourself.

Unlike most alarm application on the market. Our team is focusing on providing online service for our users. To be exact, we design our application to have two kinds of users, observer, and normal users. If you are a parent, you could use this app to schedule events and time for your children.