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Project Synopsis

Reiman Garden Logo

A rebuilt for the Reiman Garden site. 

There is no common application for butterfly gardens around the world to use. Currently, Reiman Gardens has their own website that others are interested in, but the website is out of date and only supports Reiman Gardens.

Now we are building one which all butterfly institutions around the world can use it. Adding their own shipment data, showing their own butterfly images and stats.



Framework: React

Language: JavaScript

Testing framework: Jest

IDE: Visual Studio Code

Agile operating model

Gitlab CI/CD



Framework: Spring boot

Language: Java

Testing framework: Mockito

IDE: Eclipse, Spring-Tool-Suite

MySQL Database, JPA Repository, Python Selenium for web scraping and Jupyter for tidying up data.

Gitlab CI/CD


Other Tools

Project Management: Trello

DevOps platform: Gitlab