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Project Synopsis

3D Biochemistry Virtual Lab

Our goal is to create a game-like environment for a biochemistry lab.

Future students will be able to interact with the game on any machine with internet access to go through modules of the class BBMB102.


Problem Statement & Solution

The barrier of learning biochemical experiments come from abstract nature of biomolecules and biochemical process and the relatively high demand for equipment, reagents, and hands-on skills. As a result, students often experience frustration in biochemistry labs due to the stressful pace or lack of understanding of key concepts. 

The solution for this problem is to develop a software that emulates the experience of a lab. The goal of this software is to enhance the learning experience and outcomes of the biochemistry lab. It is to promote students' engagement by translating abstract concepts into vivid animations as well as remove the barrier of cost of a physical lab. The solution should be free to use, open source, and easy for users to access.

Specifically, this software will model a protein concentration determination lab. In this lab, the user begins by filling up test tubes with different quantities of dye, protein, and sodium chloride with a pipette. The user then mixes the test tubes contents. Next, the user will measure the absorbance of each test tube. Using this information, the user should be able to calculate and conclude what the protein concentration of each test tube is.


Tools and Technologies

Game Engine: Unity

3D Modeling: Blender

Language: C#

Version Control: GitLab

Hosting: GitHub Pages

Currently, the game is playable at