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Project Synopsis

Our project is called Space Sequence, a beginner-friendly online animation tool that is flexible enough to be used in any subject, but customizable enough to be enhanced exactly to your needs.

The Problem

A lot of existing online tools have pre-defined algorithms or limited use cases for specific fields of interest, like animations for git repositories or computer science algorithms. Educators do not have easy access to a tool that would allow them to create animations for any subject, any field. Instead, they would have to use complicated and cumbersome programs like Adobe Animate which costs money to use and might not even satisfy their needs.

Our Solution

Our proposed solution is an online tool called Space Sequence, allowing users to create animations relatively quickly and even expand it to cover complicated use-cases if needed. Space Sequence is intended to be flexible so that virtually anyone can take advantage of creating animations with it.

Project Overview

  • Users use our web-based tool in a browser to create animations from basic shapes and functions. Animations can be created and manipulated via commands with visual assistance as well.
  • Commands are implemented in such a way that they can be chained together, or entirely new ones created, to allow emergent behavior that facilitates simple and complex animations.
Space Sequence homepage
Space Sequence homepage
Main animator page
Animator screen

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