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Project Synopsis

Problem Addressed

Mainstream directional fighter games such as Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Injustice have their own themes in regards to characters and stories. However, when boiled down to their main theme, there is no personalization or customizability available so users can choose their own play styles. Players can choose characters with different abilities, but if one wanted different aspects from different characters combined into their own perfect personal character, none of those games can provide that need thus leading those traditional fighter games to a stale and repetitive path as there is essentially nothing new to play styles as the games get updated over time.

Project Ideas/Components

We are introducing Class-Based Fighter Game, a game that fills a new niche of directional fighter games mixed with MMO RPG-styled skill trees for player customizability. With the inclusion of skill trees, there is exponentially far more combinations of play styles players can choose from and allows players to build their own character's traits to best suit their personal liking.

Our game components will consist of features such as:

Skill Trees of 3 Different Classes:

  1. Strength
  2. Dexterity
  3. Magic

Players can mix and match skills from any of those classes to build their perfect fighter. Skills are unlocked through a leveling system and for balance, only a certain allotted number of slots will be allowed for any player. 


With each class comes its own weapons, and the player will be able to equip two: a primary and a secondary. We want to implement both ranged and close-combat attacks, and each weapon will include unlockable abilities that cover a wide array of unique and fun combat styles. Through the weapons' skill trees, players can unlock different abilities that they can equip and save to their personal loadouts for future use of their favorite weapon and ability combinations.


One of the big focal points of our game is for players to be able to match up with other players, instead of NPCs (Non-player characters). This is to encourage the customization aspect of the game and allow players to test out their builds against friends or foes.

Multiplayer features include: 

  • Player account creation/deletion
  • Weapon class creation and modification
  • Lobby with the capability to host multiple players
  • Smooth movement and ability synchronization