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Project Synopsis

What is AntHill?

AntHill is a social platform focused on connecting skilled individuals with potential employers to work on individual projects. Contractors can apply to become members of team projects, and once their time on the project is up, they can either renew their membership to the project or join another project. Using our network of project managers and contractors, you will gain access to the following:

  • Flexible work hours
  • Reliable project history and assessments of contractors
  • Searching algorithm to make finding employers easy
  • Social networking via messages and followers

Our Mission

Our mission is to make contracting work more streamlined and accessible for all working professionals. Being an employee of a company can restrict career options and stagnate growth, but currently, being a contractor comes with less job security and more time invested into finding employers. We are aiming to improve the contracting process by reducing the overhead and improving job security by increasing the availability of contracting work. We believe that once searching becomes easy, contracting work will become the more flexible, appealing way to work.


  • Gitlab for version control
  • Jira for roadmap and assignments
  • Flutter for frontend UI and logic
  • Firebase for backend storage and login
  • Figma for diagrams