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Project Synopsis


SmartPosters is a web app designed to assist bands get more analytics about the placement of their posters while improving the experience of the concert goer. Feel free to checkout what we have at !


Tim Andersen proposed SmartPosters to address his brother's frustration with figuring out good places to put up his band's posters around the towns where his band plays. Tim Andersen figured that we could use QR codes to a larger extent by introducing telemetry features to those QR codes to solve his brother's problem and, in the process, add some value to the concert-goer.

Demo of qr code placer

Front end

Back end

  • Database: PostgreSQL.
  • Computing: AWS: Lambda.
  • Language: TypeScript


  • Editor: VS Code (Prettier and ESLint as extensions).
  • Version Control: Git and GitLab.
  • Communication: Discord and Zoom.
  • Project management: GitLab boards
  • Drawing tool: