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Project Synopsis


Situation 1: A family is on vacation and they need a trip creator to plan out their vacation to multiple locations

Situation 2: A business person needs to travel around different destinations in order to visit customers.

Overall Problem: They need something to help them form a trip around their selected locations in the shortest spanning time


We are creating trip planner to help create and plan trips. Features include Turn-by-Turn directions with street level pictures, saving trips, auto-complete location lookup.

Project Overview

Trip planner is a web based tool that allows users to create and plan trips while on vacation or for business. Based on a set of user selected destinations, Trip Planner determines a minimal trip that spans all of the selected locations. Locations are stored in a graph and Trip Planner uses a graph traversal algorithm to find the shortest path from a starting location to an end location while visiting each selected destination. We provide Turn-By-Turn directions and saving trips features.

Frontend Tools

Framework: React-Native

Language: JavaScript/Typescript

Backend Tools

Database: MongoDB

Framework: Next.js

Language: Node and JavaScript

Other Tools

Project Management: Trello

DevOps platform: Gitlab