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Project Synopsis

What is the problem we are solving? Keeping track of files can get messy (e.g. file-v1, file-v1.1, file-mostRecent, file-reallyRecent, etc.). This can be especially true in a research lab. In this setting, many files are SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure). In other words, these files are significant! In addition to the concatenative nature of naming such files, another problem is that there may be many different file formats (.pdf, .docx, .md, etc.), which leads to disorder. In an important setting such as a lab, it would be nice to organize all of the various documents. This will save time, ensure that compliance is followed, and it encourages revision.

What is our solution? We are creating an online web application called the "SOP Organizer". This will be allow users to organize their various SOPs into one space. This application has several key components.

  • Users can create directories on the web application to organize SOPs with similar agendas.
    • SOPs can be moved around directories
  • Users can upload SOPs to the web application.  
  • Users can edit SOPs directly on the web application. This will create a new "version" for that SOP.
  • Users can view previous versions of an SOP.
  • Users can delete SOPs, but the SOP will still be stored in the server in a separate folder (for archival reasons).
  • Admins can manage user permissions.



registering Registering for an account

sidebar Viewing/adding SOPs and directories


viewing sop Viewing SOPs


editing sop Editing/saving SOPs


versions Viewing previous SOP versions

Tech Stack and Libraries:

  • Vue.js
  • Express
  • MySQL
  • Pandoc
  • Quill

Project Management:

  • GitLab
  • Discord
  • Figma
  • Google Docs