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Wengsheng Road Roughness

Project Overview


The goal of the Road Roughness project is to create an inexpensive, easy-to-use system to collect data on how rough/uneven roads are. This data will then later be used to analyze the states of different roads. We are building off of the original project design from a senior design group in fall 2021. 

The data collection is done by a SmartBox, which is built of a Raspberry Pi and sensors to collect GPS and acceleration data. The SmartBox is placed on the center console of the car. This is connected to a mobile phone that has control over starting and stopping the data collection process as well as sending that data to a server, which then converts the data into IRI (International Roughness Index) values for further research. 

Users are able to use the app to collect, view, upload, share, and delete data files. We have also implemented a separate web application suited to view more detailed trip information in a more comprehensive format. 





Raspberry Pi:


  • Flutter Application
    • Dart
  • Web Application
    • JavaScript
    • NodeJS
    • HTML/CSS 
  • Python
  • GPS Sensors
  • Accelerometer
  • Java
  • Java
  • SQL
  • AWS

Member Contributions

  • Ashley Tostenson
    • Mobile app development
    • 402 Website
  • Brooklyn Stuhlsatz
    • Database design & Maintenance
    • Server setup and control
    • Meeting documentation
  • Hannah Brumfield
    • Raspberry pi configuration
    • Communication between pi and mobile app
  • Huaiyao (Iris) Ma
    • Web app creation & development
  • Sonita Ung
    • Mobile app development
    • Meeting documentation