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Project Synopsis

Hello and welcome to the home page for Learn Coin!


The Problem

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular which means many of us have heard about them and will continue to hear about them. Cryptocurrencies are very complex and so even with their popularity it can be difficult to learn the terminology associated with them. This is not helped by the fact that there is no one place to learn everything there is to know about cryptocurrencies.

Our Solution

We created LearnCoin to try and help reduce some of the confusion around cryptocurrencies while allowing users to practice mining and making transactions with a secure and functional cryptocurrency.



Project Overview

LearnCoin is a cryptocurrency that is not intended to be particularly efficient or any more secure than other cryptocurrencies, but rather strives to have a very readable codebase and still implements the necessary mechanisms for the network to be non-trivially secure with protection against common attacks. It is intended to be used as a learning resource for anyone who wants to understand cryptocurrencies better, or for anyone interesting in developing cryptocurrencies of their own.

The project also includes a wallet client that provides basic key generation and transaction functionality while also explaining the blockchain and transaction mechanisms.


Frontend Tools

Framework: React

Language: JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Backend Tools

Framework: Sanic

Language: Python

Other Tools

Project Management: Trello

DevOps platform: Gitlab

Development Model: Agile



LearnCoin Creators

From left to right: Cooper Edwards, Y.J. Ha, Anders Lie, Jadyn Gust, and Moriah Zimmerman