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Project Synopsis

Graph Visualizer

The Graph Visualizer is an application for visualizing any graph or graph-related algorithm in a completely customizable, real-time, Unity-based environment. The Graph Visualizer can turn any graph from a complicated abstract data structure and represent it in a simple, easy-to-understand environment where the user can edit and manipulate the graph however they choose. This program also supports a variety of different graph algorithms, most notably, graph traversal algorithms via a built-in iterator. The user can run a variety of existing iterators provided by the application or they can provide their own. All these algorithms can then be run and visualized on any graph within the visualizer.

To better understand graph-related algorithms, this project provides a visual representation of the flow of a program in order to gain a deeper understanding of the code at work. The Graph Visualizer supports graphs of any vertex and edge types, therefore allowing for the construction of more traditional graphs as well as graphs such as automata. This makes the Graph Visualizer practical for inexperienced users as well as experts on this subject. Additionally, the Graph Visualizer supports various types of iteration, including Dijkstra and Random Surfer, that can be visualized step-by-step to allow the user to follow along and understand how these graph traversals work.


Game Engine: Unity

Programming Language: C#

Version Control: GitLab