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Business Documentation

  • Customer Segments (Optional)
  • Business Model Canvas (Optional)
  • Elevator Pitch (2 mins)

System Documentation

  1. Requirements TEMPLATE to use for SUBMISSION (SRSTemplate.docx)   Guide: ScreenSketches
  2. Architecture docs TEMPLATE to use for SUBMISSION (SDDesignTemplate.docx) (blockDiag.pdf) (exampleBlockDiagram.pdf)
  3. API Descriptions (INSTRUCTIONS)
  4. Maintenance/Developer help (on Wiki -- how to build/run/test project)
  5. Gitlab for project teams (including CI/CD, including testing using mocking/espresso etc about branches, issues).

Data Science Documentation

  • Data Science Reports (INSTRUCTIONS)

Class Documentation 

  1. Web Page for team (INSTRUCTIONS)  
  2. WK05 Oral Presentation (INSTRUCTIONS)
  3. WK10 Oral Presentation (INSTRUCTIONS)
  4. Final Report and Presentation (INSTRUCTIONS)  
  5. Video(s) of Project (5 mins max)
  6. <not required> Poster (INSTRUCTIONS)

Final Versions of all Documents are due by End of Day Friday of Finals Week.

Resources for Faculty

  1. Instructions for creating and managing sites